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1.Introduction and processing
Silk consisted of 18 protein fibre is recognised as the most soft and healthy natural fibre in 
the world. Because of the unique chemical construction,strong hygroscopicity and air per
-meability  make the pure silk quilt match human‘s skin perfectly.

Silk comes from the cocoons of the silkworm, which feeds off Mulberry trees in subtropical climates.

 When the cocoon is boiled, the hard cocoon becomes a loose ball of strong, flexible filament mea-

suring over 1,000 meters. Usually, this ball is uncoiled and wrapped onto a spindle for use in the

textile industry making everything from clothing to rugs. During silk quilt production, however,

 the silk filament is not unraveled, but rather stretched into a flat tangled web and layered to form

silk floss.


The cocoons are first boiled to loosen the thread and remove the silkworm. Each cocoon is expand-

ed outwardly by hand on a U-shaped wooden rack, and the ball of thread becomes a sheet of tangled

fibers. This sheet is then hand-stretched again on a larger rack along with several other cocoons to

make a thick, cottony bundle called silk floss. It takes hundreds of these bundles to make a silk quilt.


Once enough silk cocoons have been stretched into bundles, the quilt begins to take

shape. Workers grab the edges of the bundle and stretch it wide to match the dimensions

of the desired quilt, and layer by layer the quilt begins to take shape. It can take

anywhere between 100 and 400 of these thin layers to make a quilt, depending on b-

ed dimensions and desired thickness. Since it takes many cocoons to make each layer, a

 silk quilt may be composed of thousands silk cocoons.


Once the silk fiber layers are stacked together, they are sealed inside silk or cotton fabrics

and the quilt is complete. The result is extremely light-weight despite the silk comfor-

ter's thickness. Silk quilts provide excellent insulating properties similar to down, but

tend to be less bulky than down duvets. Silk is a breathable fabric, making silk quilt

comfortable in a wide temperature range. Thin silk quilt are used even in the summer.

As a registered trademark,all right reserved to GUANGDONG SIMANI SILK CO.,LTD . All the
products with the trademark“simani”are made from pure silk through Strictly Standardized P-
roduction Process. From the selection of a cocoon to  the make-up articles,“simani”product
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Material:100% cotton
specification(cm):150*200 ,180*220 ,200*230 ,220*240
net weight:2.0kg ,3.0 kg ,4.0 kg
filling:dupion silk  floss
Another quilt cover is needed when using the pure silk quilt because silk is forbidden to wash.
No jumping and running on the quilt in case of deformation
No directed exposure under the sun and pxposure time should limited in about 2 hours.
Keep dry when under storage and no chemical drug accompanied
No pressing

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