From a cocoon to  yarn, from the ancient silk road to today's international silk trade, and what do you want to know?
Knowledge of silk-Fabric classification,

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The flour materials are classified

Main categories of silk: tussah silk, plain crepe satin, georgette, taffeta, jacquard silk, etc

1 crepe DE chine

Double crepe, it is the silk that makes with mulberry silk as raw material, its characteristic, it is the fine crepe that silk face presents two-way, weigh double crepe so. Meridian of crepe DE chine is 20/22 d2 root merger untwisted mulberry silk, weft is 20/22 d2-4 root merger S to strong twisting and Z to strong twisting of mulberry silk, plain weave interlacing of grey fabrics, after refining degumming, because S and Z twist to crisscross of weft and warp of untwisted, zonal lay the distortion, therefore, on the silken face reflects two different twist to the beauty of subtle twist crepe.

Double crepe has many specifications and complete sets. A width of 70, 90, 100, 114, 140cm. The weight is 8. 5, 9, 10, 12, 14, 15, 16, 18, 20, 22m/m. Pure white, dyed, printed. Suitable for men's and women's shirts, can also do a variety of embroidered clothing, a wide range of USES. China's jiangsu, zhejiang, Shanghai, sichuan, guangdong, shandong and other main satin production areas, and exports to the world. It is an important variety for the production and export of China's silk and satin, accounting for more than 15% and 10% of China's total production and export of genuine silk.

Double crepe is popular and popular because of its many features, poor quality and wide application.

2 jacquard silk

Jacquard silk, it is to use the jacquard machine to make the warp and weft interlace point to weave various decorative patterns of the silk satin, is a large category of satin, and is a different type of printed silk with patterns printed on the silk surface. Among them, on the warp thread of double crepe jacquard is called double crepe DE chine, on the warp thread jacquard is called crepe damask, on the warp thread jacquard is called flower spinning, and so on. Still have on all sorts of silks and satins warp line jacquard, have brocade, flower soft sateen, flower fu spins, spend big silks and so on, still have a kind of printing on jacquard silks especially, namely the silks that jacquard printing spends photograph to combine.

Jacquard fabrics, besides has the famous Chinese and foreign traditional varieties brocade, ancient brocade, Cleveland, satin, gold treasure, swan velvet thereof and contemporary world sheng pin flowers crepe satin, flower drum, nine chardonnay satin, satin flowers ground, satin, etc. Jacquard and printed satin is also popular in Western Europe.

All kinds of jacquard fabrics, can adapt to the needs of all kinds of inner and outer clothing and adornment respect, have used for underwear, coat and dress, have used for quilt cover, bedspread and chair cover, can also be used to paste and all sorts of adornment of wall. With pure silk jacquard silk to make paste wall silk, not only beautiful view generous, but also has the absorption deflator, adjusts the indoor temperature work. Our country silks and satins producing area produces jacquard silks, occupy my silks and satins total production 35% above, occupy the silks and silks export 20% up or down. Our country jacquard silks variety is much, design and color is much, wide by domestic and foreign consumer welcome.

3 crepe

Blue crepe is a crepe silk fabric. It is usually made of strong twisted yarn with a certain fabric structure.

The characteristic of blue crepe is: silks face is different from double crepe, besides having fine wrinkles, still have coarse twill shape. Surface gloss

Gentle and smooth, soft and tough texture, smooth feel, full of flexibility, generally thicker than double crepe, its shrinkage is also larger, about 10%.


Georgette, also known as georgette, or georgette crepe, is a plain silk fabric made of strong twisted crepe warp and crepe weft. Crepe silk fabric.

The characteristic of georgette is: it has the appearance of evenness and evenness, the silks show fine and even wrinkles and obvious fine yarn holes, and there are also strong and straight wrinkles. Its quality is frivolous and elegant, transparent, and rich flex flexibility, shrinkage rate is big also, it is 10 ~ 12% commonly.

Georgette is suitable for making women's dresses, evening dresses, headscarves and palace lanterns.

4 doupion silk

Any of various silk fabrics of double palace silk.

The surface of the double palace silk is rough and uneven, the texture is tight and crisp, the color light is soft. Double palace silk fabric has natural knot in one's heart lines, shining, rough, thick, crisp, unique style, unique style, quite popular with people.

Mainly used for summer men and women's shirts, skirts and coats of fabrics.

5 taffeta

Silk fabric made of high quality mulberry silkworm silk, which is made of degummed ripe silk and plain weave.

The characteristic of taffeta is that the silk surface is fine and smooth, compact and meticulous, flat and beautiful, bright color, soft and bright color. Not easy to dust. The fabric is tight and stiff, but permanent creases tend to occur after wrinkles. Therefore, it is not suitable for folding and pressure, commonly used drum packaging.

Mainly used for women's spring, autumn clothing, festival dresses, down clothing fabrics, etc.

6 tussah silk

Tussah silk refers to the silk fabric woven from tussah silk

Silk fabric woven from tussah silk. Has a natural tussah silk (see tussah) pale yellow, soft luster, soft, good hygroscopicity, permeability is all kinds of tussah silk, acid-proof, alkali resistance, heat conduction coefficient, good electrical insulating performance.

The real silk is made of mulberry silk. The fabric woven from tussah silk is called tussah silk. Real silk and tussah silk are long silk fabric, and can be divided into raw silk and mature silk. Raw silk refers to unrefined cocoon silk, and mature silk refers to refined cocoon silk, which has higher quality than raw silk.

It is commonly used for various kinds of clothing fabrics and decorative fabrics, and is used for making acid-proof work clothes, electrified work clothes, bomb medicine bags and so on in industry and national defense.

Scattering flowers twill

Traditional Chinese silk fabric with twill flowers on twill ground. Scatter the flowers, scatter them. One of the commonly used patterns of brocade. Scattered flowers with small broken flowers as a unit pattern, spread all over the ground, free scatter point arrangement.

Ayanami is smooth, soft and light in texture, used for painting and calligraphy mounting, for making shirts, pajamas, etc. Used for mounting pictures, books, high - class gift boxes, etc.

As a famous twill jacquard fabric in history, ghatpot with scattered flowers started to appear in the han dynasty and became popular in the song dynasty after the appearance of flower building machine in the tang dynasty.

8 spun silk yarn spinning

Plain silk with double strands of silk thread

Silk spinning has the fine performance of silk fabric, it is comfortable to wear, cool and breathable. After finishing the fabric, the silk surface is smooth, the texture is tough and firm, and it is similar to electric spinning

Mainly used for making underwear, shirts and so on.

9 habotai

Electric spinning is a kind of silk fabric of mulberry silk, which is made of plain weave. It was named for the use of factory silk and electric silk looms instead of earth and wood mechanisms.

Electric spinning fabric is compact, fine and clean, soft and straight, soft luster, smooth and comfortable to wear.

According to the weight of the fabric per square meter, it can be divided into heavy weight (40g/m2 above), medium weight and light weight (20g/m2 below). Heavy weight for summer shirts, skirts and children's clothing fabrics; Medium can be used as clothing material; A light weight can be used as a petticoat, headscarf, etc. It's an upscale fabric.

10 dongfeng yarn

Belong to ultrathin translucent model, the fabric is gentle and elegant, this is "east wind gauze" the origin of the name. Due to its light and thin characteristics, occasionally there is a silk phenomenon.

After dyeing or printing or hand painting or embroidery and other processes, people with graceful, soft and elegant feeling.

Especially suitable for all kinds of scarf, headscarf accessories.

11 crepe satin

Plain crepe satin is a regular fabric in silk fabric, which has a relatively large shrinkage rate, and its luster decreases after launching.

Features of plain crepe satin:

The bright satin is very noble and well organized. On the vision has very natural luster, on the touch the hand feels silky, delicate, won't have the rough feeling.

Usually used to make underwear, shirts, trousers, skirts, pajamas, etc


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