From a cocoon to  yarn, from the ancient silk road to today's international silk trade, and what do you want to know?
Knowledge of silk - The properties of silk fabrics,

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 With mulberry and tussah silk as the main raw materials, various kinds of silk fabrics woven from spun silk or spun silk yarn have the following main properties, which can be used for reference in the selection and processing of clothing materials:

1. All kinds of pure silk strength are higher than pure wool fabrics, but inferior to wool fabric

2. The wrinkle resistance of mulberry silk looking for white and fine soft luster bright feel smooth and soft elegant luxury, as the senior clothing fabric

3. The tussah silk looking for yellow light dark, appearance is coarser, feel soft and slightly acerbity sluggish fast not durable, cheaper for mid-range clothing and fashion fabric especially when moisture regain 30%

4 Silk nor moist heat resistance is cotton wool fabric good, general ironing temperature can be controlled in 150 ~ 180 c comfort when the patch can be exempt from the aurora Of tussah silk water should be avoided to prevent water damage caused by difficult to remove the influence of fabric

5 Spun silk fabric surface is rough, splinters of pupa appear black spots, acerbity sluggish feel soft, like white colors don't style, cheaper than the filament fabric, also

6. For external use clothing ideal fabrics silk light fastness of the worst in all kinds of fabric, so the poor long-term light use

7. To the inorganic acid is stable, but the concentration will cause hydrolysis is sensitive to alkali reaction, should use neutral soap when washing


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