From a cocoon to  yarn, from the ancient silk road to today's international silk trade, and what do you want to know?
Benefits of mulberry silk,

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Mulberry silkworm silk is a kind of continuous long fiber produced by silk liquid coagulation during cocoon production of mature silkworm. It is also called "natural silk". Like wool, it is one of the earliest animal fibers used by human beings. According to the different food, it is divided into mulberry silkworm, tussah silkworm, cassava silkworm, camphor silkworm, willow silkworm and silkworm.

As mulberry silk contains 18 kinds of amino acids of great nutritional value to human body, the cosmetics series with sericin as the main material have been developed according to this characteristic of silkworm silk. In 1973, Japan published a new technology for silk for cosmetics. Used as a cosmetic fibroin has two kinds: one kind is the silk fiber directly to miscellaneous, degumming, wash and refined the "silk powder" (or insoluble silk protein), but as a result of this kind of silk powder molecular weight, and insoluble in water, difficult to be absorbed by the skin. The other is to further chemically break down the silk fibroin so that the long chain macromolecules of silk proteins can be broken down into shorter chains of protein molecules.

Silk, also called natural silk, is a kind of natural fiber. Man used one of the earliest animal fibers. Silk is one of the products of ancient Chinese civilization. The Chinese working people invented and produced silk very early. There are many characters in the oracle bones, such as silk and silk.

According to archaeological findings, China made silk thread, woven ribbon and simple silk fabric from silk about 4,700 years ago. Silkworms have mulberry silkworm, tussah silkworm, castor bean silkworm, cassava silkworm, willow silkworm and silkworm. Silk strips drawn from a single cocoon are called cocoon silk.

Benefits of mulberry silk:

1. Healthy and comfortable: mulberry silk contains 18 kinds of essential amino acids and natural porous protein fiber ingredients, has excellent biocompatibility and the human body, feel gentle close-fitting, comfortable degree is extremely high, windproof, breathable, moisture, sedative, nourish and balance the body skin effect.

2. Heat preservation and moisturizing: the silk of mulberry silkworm contains a kind of "hydrophilic amino acid on the side of water", which is very similar in structure to human keratin and collagen. The solid mulberry silkworm silk is actually more than 38% hollow, with certain air permeability and heat preservation. Its porous nature is extremely easy for water molecules to diffuse, can absorb water in the air or give off water, and maintain a certain amount of water.

3. The natural environmental protection: silk by no pollution, no pesticides and industrial pollution, mulberry silk is invaluable, is pure natural green products, but also has excellent anti mite, mouldproof, natural properties of antibacterial, so very suitable for baby using sensitive skin types.


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