From a cocoon to  yarn, from the ancient silk road to today's international silk trade, and what do you want to know?
The Silk Road on emerald - Guizhou Libo county plans to invest 1 billion yuan to,

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Libo, in 2007, was named the Karst World Natural Heritage site in southern China. The natural scenery is charming, there are national Zhangjiang scenic spots and national Maolan Nature Reserve, known as "the emerald on the earth belt". The hometown of Deng Enming, a representative of the Communist Party of China.

"make a good cocoon", the domestic production cocoon silk quality is excellent, single cocoon silk more than 1000 meters, is the best place to export high-grade silk raw materials. In 2017, Libo County will be silkworm industry as a poverty alleviation "one county one industry" to focus cultivation, 2018, The mulberry garden construction subsidy is about 1300 yuan per mu, and the silkworm house construction subsidy is about 200 yuan per square meter. The main business entities, such as supporting companies, cooperatives, large households and poor households, develop mulberry and sericulture. At present, there are 35000 mu of high quality mulberry garden, 1 silk reeling enterprise, the fourth batch cocoon is 48-52 yuan per kilogram. Combined with market demand and planning by the county party committee and the county government, it is planned to invest 1 billion yuan to build 100000 mu of high-quality mulberry gardens by 2020, and to create a model of the whole industry chain of mulberry silkworm, such as mulberry, cocoon-processing and other industries, so as to steadily increase the income of the poor people. Synchronous well-off laid a solid foundation.





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