From a cocoon to  yarn, from the ancient silk road to today's international silk trade, and what do you want to know?
A silkworm farmer in Liuzhou raised colored cocoon,

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In the impression, silkworm cocoon is silvery white, but recently, in Liucheng Fengshan town to river village Tangjingtun, a silkworm farmer unexpectedly raised the silkworm that can knot color silkworm cocoon, this let other silkworm farmer also feel very rare. When he put the colorful cocoon on the Internet, the owner of silk products, in order to buy his colorful cocoon, also flew from Beijing to Liuzhou, straight to his home.

Chen Dongri, a silkworm farmer who raised colored cocoons, has more than 10 years of experience in silkworm farming, but has never heard of colored cocoons before. Last year he went to Liuzhou to participate in silkworm rearing skills training, accidentally learned that there are natural colored silkworm eggs.

Years of sericulture experience made him realize that there were articles to do. So he got a copy of colored silkworm eggs in early spring and raised them in April. Unexpectedly, these silkworm babies, after more than 20 days of breeding, when cocoon really produced two kinds of golden and crimson cocoons, which made him extremely excited.

Chen said that during this period of time, colorful cocoons spread online and soon became "internet red." almost every day, people call or come to his home to learn about colorful cocoons.


The first colored cocoons, with only a few dozen catties, have been finished by the bosses from Beijing. The other side also said that in the future can cooperate with Chen Dongri, how much he will raise, the price is easy to discuss. Chen Dongri feels that this is a new financial road, and plans to keep it up.



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